Thursday, June 11, 2009

Prize update Children..

The race is 2 days away and I just wanted to let everyone see what they are getting them selves into...Chrome bags should be any day I'll post soon... Click the pics to link to their sites

Chrome Swag should be here by tomorrow so I will post pics until then you can browse their website

 is providing 2 Fast Friday DVDs for zee winners
Thanks to Trinity Cyclery for providing a KMC Hollow point Chain and many packs of inner tubes.

Thank you Tried and True Tattoo for a $100.00 gift the race and get a blue ribbon tattooed on your ass

UGLY!Pads hooked up these three custom top tube pads

Soma Fabrications swag just arrived today. An awesome White Saddle and some Awesome shiny new cages

New Flier

bubblegum alleycat flyer

Saturday, May 9, 2009